Unscheduled & Unscripted

Consulting dental practices on unscheduled treatment.

About Us

What began as a late-night podcast recording over wine has evolved into a dental-consulting sensation. Dr Gregg May, John Stamper and Katrina M Sanders RDH culminate as leaders in dentistry, business and the provision of oral healthcare and as the co-founders of The Core Group, LLC. They utilize their unique talents to serve the dental community by focusing on the unscheduled treatment lurking in the dental office. Their motto: “Unscheduled & Unscripted” ensures dental practices a comprehensive approach to patient care while improving authentic patient communication without a script. By identifying the root cause of declined treatment plans, The Core Group, LLC works to improve patient acceptance, business outcomes and widespread improvement of oral health for the community.

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Dr. Gregg May

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John R Stamper IV-MBA

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