Unscheduled & Unscripted

Consulting dental practices on unscheduled treatment.

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Dr. Gregg May

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John R Stamper IV-MBA

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Katrina Sanders- RDH, BSDH, M.Ed, RF

Our Flossophy

We believe that dental practices armed with the correct tools, skills and education are the best way to elevate the standards of care, integrate a higher level in the provision of dental care and ultimately serve the community.  Our core values align the highest levels of honesty, authenticity, integrity and ethics and reflect the ways in which we operate our business and, in turn, how our clients elevate their business practices.  Core practices in excellence pave the way to professional success, personal happiness and career satisfaction.

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Mission Statement

The Core Group works to elevate the operations within dental practices through dramatically increasing the scheduling of previously diagnosed but unscheduled treatment plans through optimizing communication in an unscripted and authentic manner.

Our Core Values

C- communication: We believe communication is the greatest path to improving employee relations, increasing patient understanding and ultimately developing deeper connections between all team members and clients.  Authentic communication begins with an unscripted but delicate approach to courageously and honestly unpacking education and relationships in a streamlined manner.
O- operations: Our operations embody the highest levels of integrity and ethics, and as such, we endeavor to elevate and integrate heightened levels of business practices throughout all aspects of the dental practice model.
R- retention: Patient retention is a clear indicator of an effective recare system in which patients trust and seek the care of their entire dental care team. It demonstrates clinical excellence in the provision of routine dental procedures, efficiency amongst the dental care team and a heightened patient experience. .
E- excellence: Excellence embodies a clear and consistent approach to the highest standards of clinical, communication, ethical and empathetic competence. Our standard of excellence serves as the beacon for which we reflect all business and clinical practices against, and it serves as an unwavering reminder of our commitment to elevating standards throughout our industry.
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